Journalism within the European Public Sphere

New Paper on Media Pluralism

Journalism within the European Public Sphere

M Chyliñski – Open Europe: Cultural Dialogue Across Borders

Meanwhile, despite the fact that the EU spends billions on supporting domestic production in
the sphere of culture and the media, one cannot but get the impression that it supports freedom
of the press, pluralism of the media and journalism only too weakl

Abtract: In the present paper, the author has endeavoured to address the question of the
participation of the media and journalists in shaping the political space of action that
exists in Europe beyond interests of its individual member states. Although some
problems have merely been signalled, it seems that the following conclusion is legitimate:
despite evident signs of a crisis of the media, the European journalism has succeeded in
maintaining the position of an institution of control and equilibrium for the states and
governments; it has also managed to build new environments of exchange of thoughts and
ideas and thanks to it – to modernize the traditional functions of journalism.







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