Argentina’s government has been ‘taking out media’

June 12, 2016/ By Enca 

Argentina’s government has been “compulsively” taking out media,such as the RT news channel, which offer a new angle on events, the Justice Ministry’s former undersecretary said on Sunday.

Argentina’s State Radio and Television Society (RTA SE) plans to exclude the international channel from free transmission starting in August, but will keep it available in paid TV packages.

“It acts compulsively regardless of the political scene, evidence or the country’s genuine interests,” Mario Ciafardini, currently a professor at the University of Buenos Aires, said.

Ciafardini stressed that actions taken by President Mauricio Macri’s culture authorities to shut down RT and TeleSUR had unmasked their pro-American stance, which he warned would hurt media pluralism in the country.

The pan-Latin American television network TeleSUR TV is also about to go off air after receiving a letter from RTA SE on June 7, saying it would be suspended in 15 days.


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