Germany Should Thank RT, Sputnik for Ensuring Media Pluralism in Country

25, October 2016/ By Sputniknews

Former Parliamentary State Secretary in the German Federal Ministry of Defense Willy Wimmer, said that German society should be grateful to RT and Sputnik for ensuring media pluralism in the country.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Germans should be grateful to RT broadcaster and Sputnik new agency for ensuring media pluralism in the country, where media outlets do not provide the public with an alternative view, former Parliamentary State Secretary in the German Federal Ministry of Defense Willy Wimmer, said on Tuesday.

“I live in a country, where media pluralism always existed. Today it is not the case. In our media we observe that pluralism is gone. We hear a drumroll, calling for a war. We should be grateful to RT and Sputnik – this is what ensures pluralism in our country,” Wimmer said at a conference in Moscow.

He also added that German media do not reflect the opinion of people.

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