Graphic tops all in print market

July 31, 2017 / by Kweku Zurek,

Six GCGL newspaper brands; Daily Graphic, Junior Graphic, The Mirror, Graphic Showbiz, Graphic Sports and Graphic Business were assessed as part of the research.

The GCGL maintained its status as the leading and largest newspaper publishing company in Ghana.

The GCGL papers placed first, ahead of Western Publication Limited (18.9%) producers of Daily Guide and News One at second.

The New Times Corporation (14.5%) publishers of the Ghanaian Times and The Spectator ranked third while Business and Financial Times placed fourth with 4.9% of the market share.

The Graphic Communications Group Limited was established in 1950 by the then Daily Mirror Group in UK.

It publishes and distributes all the popular national newspapers including, the Daily Graphic which is the flagship and printed everyday except on Sundays.

There is also The Mirror, Graphic Sports, Graphic Business, the Junior Graphic for younger readers and the newly introduced Graphic Youth World, a complimentary published on Saturday’s for Senior High School and tertiary students.





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