Media ownership, transparency and regulation standards presented in Prague

15 June, 2018 / By derechosfundamntales

Silvia Grundmann, the Head of the Media and Internet Division at the Council of Europe, presented and promoted the latest standards related to media ownership, transparency and regulation at the Inter-parliamentary Conference on “Upholding the freedom of expression, including media freedom, in the EU and beyond” on 14-15 June 2018 in Prague. The event is part of the European Parliament’s Support Programme for the Enlargement countries’ parliaments. The Council of Europe has recently adopted Recommendation CM/Rec(2018)1 on media pluralism and transparency of media ownership which provides for diversity of content, the institutional frameworks for media pluralism, support measures for the media and media pluralism, transparency of ownership and control and prevention of negative effects of concentrations in the media field. The conference provided an excellent venue to engage with members of parliaments and journalists from Southeast Europe and the host country as well as experts and representatives of international organisations.



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