Greeks have no trust in media, survey shows

November 18, 2016 / By Ekhatimerini

Just 26 percent of Greeks believe the country’s national media is trustworthy, according to a Eurobarometer survey for 2016, which also said that only 53 percent of EU country citizens believe the same.

The EC report titled “2016 Eurobarometer Survey on Media Pluralism and Democracy” suggested that 87 percent of Greeks and 57 percent of Europeans do not believe that their national media are free of political and commercial pressures.

As for their national public service media, 90 percent of Greeks think it is not free from political pressure, compared to 60 percent of Europeans.
The survey also suggested that 40 percent of Greeks consider radio media to be the most reliable news source, compared to the EU average of 66 percent.

Moreover,  38 percent believe that social media is reliable compared to 32 percent in the EU.


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